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Yes, they messed up on express shipping, so I called and they refunded the shipping. The first day, the urgency thing left. The second day, the stream normailzed and couldn't beleive it. Tried every supp on the market and at Whole Foods. Tried the Rye product with a minimum of results. This product worked for me and I would pay any price now. Just wish could find it a little cheaper, but... Read more

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  • Prosvent
  • Aug 26
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Thank god i checled all reveiws as i was convidering ordering product thetes no chance in *** thats gonna happen thanks stan Add comment

I saw an aid on TV 2/3/2015 and usually I do not do things like this but I was already on the internet looking for a product to help my husband. We are on fixed incomes I have to budget things and use online orders all the time. I went to the webpage about 11pm they had the offer on TV of $34.95 & S&H and thought, let me try it. I didn't want repeat orders. I filled it out, and they it... Read more

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  • Feb 04
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Called and canceled. And. They keep billing card each longer satisfied with products. Add comment

not what i ordered , late shipping , i got to pay for return cost , that want work , please call 912 687 4905 or 912 823 3406 or i will go to the news network - fox and all locals . thanks . your review is not fair i do not agree. will send if necessary i will get my lawyer nephew to pursue , i suggest send me my money now .do da do da do crooks crooks sham sham shame shame shame , gomer said ... Read more

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My ex husband ordered the product but I returned the last shipment with expected refund of 79.95 to help my sons funeral expenses for their father who passed away which is why I sent it back and do not need it. They have the product back for two months but will not return money to his sons. His work place gave them his vacation and 401k with no questions asked and no court estate matters... Read more

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I watched advertisement an called to place order, their claims sounded encouraging I give my credit card information, I was to get a 60 day supply I took them as directed for 30 days with no change with enlarged prostate! I thought oh well another Scam an $109.75 lost. then a second shipment come to my surprise, I called Customer care an told lady I didn't want them she ask all the why... Read more

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  • Jul 31, 2014
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I brought a supplement a month ago and I have not received yet. Add comment

01/21/2013: I signed up for a 30 day trial paying S/H for $9.95 and auto payment for additional 60 day supply. What I ended up getting was a charge of $79.98 and two 30 day trials. When I called customer support they explained that after accepting the initial 30 day trial and I was prompted for a free $10 saving that this added an additional 30 day trial and was billed the additional $60. I... Read more

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I ordered this supplement that I saw advertised on TV. Prosvent is from Reno Nevada. Shipping and handling was supposed to be free if you purchased the product within 10 days. However, I was charged $9.95 for shipping. When I called the company they said that they subtracted money from the actual cost of the product, instead of giving me free shipping. B.S.!! When I said that I would never... Read more

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